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A Mother's Glove
Season 1, Episode 16 (2/2)
Air date United States of America November 9, 2007
Written by Scott Kreamer
Brandon Sawyer
Jorge Gutierrez
Directed by Dave Thomas
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A Mother's Glove is the second half of the 16th episode of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


Manny learns the shocking truth: his mother, Maria, was… a superhero! And when Manny finds her abandoned Glove of Power, Maria transforms into her long-abandoned identity: "Plata Peligrosa"! But she becomes so obsessed by fighting super villains that she breaks every villain out of jail to fight with them!

Episode Summary


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Montage Scene

Plata Peligrosa, El Tigre and Frida have a fun filled day of crime fighting. Pummeling the Mustache Mafia, Robot Sanchez and other pavilions. Only to see Plata Peligrosa growing crazier from power by every fight.

Running Gags


  • Maria Rivera was once a superhero and got her mystic item of power at a college party.
    Con shot maria.jpg
    • Her experience of her former superhero life is what caused her to enter a hyperventilation state.
  • During Maria Rivera's flashback you can see a younger version of Frida's parents, her mother looks similar to the present but Emiliano Suárez is sporting a light blue mohawk and leather jacket. Showing that he dyes his hair black. Their hair is naturally blue and that he was once a punk rocker in the past.
  • This is the last episode to premiere in 2007.


  • When Manny (as El Tigre) opens up the chest containing the glove, his eyes are brown (which he normally has in his civilian form), instead of green in a single scene.