Adios Amigos
Season 1, Episode 4 (2/2)
Air date Flag of the United States.svg March 17, 2007
Written by Dave Thomas
Jorge R Gutierrez
Scott Kreamer
Directed by Dave Thomas
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The Mother of All Tigres
 Adios Amigos is the second half of the 4th episode of  El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


White Pantera's old sidekick-turned-bad, the Titanium Titan, returns to Miracle City to take his revenge on Manny. Frida is injured in the fight. Emiliano, Frida's strict dad, points out that Frida gets injured a lot when she's with Manny, so Manny decides he must end his friendship with Frida for her own protection. As the two friends cope with being apart, they also must deal with the deranged Titan, still on the loose and seeking vengeance, but when Frida is captured by the Titan it is up to Manny to save her.

Episode Summary

The episode begins with what appears to be a western standoff between Manny and Frida, but it is revealed to be a meeting to go to The Miracle City Carnival. Emiliano, Frida's father, and chief of Miracle City Police, interrupts, reminding his daughter about how Manny always ends up getting Frida injured. They proceed into the carnival anyway. As the duo have fun at the carnival, a sliver armed villain called The Titanium Titan attacks them.


Recurring Characters

Characters Introduced


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Montage Scene

Manny and Frida enjoying themselves at the dangerous but fun Miracle City Carnival.


El Tigre and Frida vs. Titanium Titan


  • Manny and Frida's friendship is strained again but unlike Enter the Cuervo it was not out of anger, but for the sake of protection.
  • Rodolfo used to have a sidekick before Manny was born.
  • When Emiliano reminds Frida of all the times she gets hurt when being with Manny, he mentions fighting a swamp creature, battling Giant Robot Sanchez and participating in a tag-team wrestling match.
  • Maria Rivera is first seen in this episode but doesn't have her debut till The Mother of All Tigres.


  • When Manny says, "You ready for this?", his freckles and scar are missing.
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