Name Che
Age 13
Gender Male
Hair Black Cherry
Eyes Red
Affiliation(s) Zombie
Alter Ego(s) Unknown
First Appearence Fool's Goal
Voiced by Grey DeLisle

Che is a Zombie boy who is the of grandson of General Chapuza. Che lives in the city of Calavera in the zombie district known as "Zombie Town". He is the Soccer team's star player of the Calavera Zombies. After the episode Fool's Goal, Che and his grandfather would make minor appearances until the episode "The Thing That Ate Frida's Brain", in which he tries to defeat El Tigre at the beginning and end of the episode. Like his grandfather, Che doesn't physically fight. And he is one excellent dancer.


He has light light blue skin, wild black cherry hair and his eyes are yellow and red. He always wears a soccer uniform and spike band bracelets.


-Super-human strength and endurance

-Able to turn others into zombies via biting or scratching them


Cannon Future

Character Design/Inspiration



Che was the first one to chase after Frida, (after saying "DESTROY HER!"), and other zombies followed. And he has more knowledge about teamwork and eggplant than the other villains. His grandfather at one point can't even seem to actually tell teamwork from eggplant in "Fool Speed Ahead". He also seems to be in front on some shots of the episode. It may be possible that Che is smarter and more threatening than his own grandfather or any other zombie.