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El Cucharon
Con shot cucharon.jpg
Name El Cucharon
Age unknown
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) unknown
Alter Ego(s) unknown
First Appearence Miracle City Worker
Voiced by

El Cucharon was a supervillain in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny RiveraHe first appeared in Miracle City Worker as one of the three villains Maria Rivera wanted to rehabilitate. He was the only one who wanted to actually change his ways and aided El Tigre in saving the day before deciding to abandon his evil ways and enroll in cooking school.


In Miracle City Worker, he mentioned that he once fought against El Tigre and the latter broke his wooden spoon weapon. He joined fellow villains El Oso and Dr. Chipotle Sr. in getting teaching from Maria Rivera. He was notable for being the only one who really committed to the teachings of Maria even confiding her about the past mockery, he endured because of his powers that made him choose villainy. He was genuinely moved by her kindness after she comforted him.

When the other villains tried to commit a crime, they subdued El Tigre and prepared to go through with the plan but El Cucharon refused to join them and was nearly attacked for his willingness to even consider becoming a good guy. He ultimately proved he wanted to redeem himself by freeing and helping El Tigre defeat them and in this time, he showed his powers were useful by trapping the other villains in spoons from around the city.

At the end, Maria had considered her teachings to be pointless since the villains did not really want to change but Manny excitedly pointed out El Cucharon who helped them save the day. El Cucharon confirmed this as he has decided to abandon his villain lifestyle and enroll in a cooking school because of her lessons. Hearing this, Maria was very happy that at least one villain was redeemed.


  • He was the first villain to redeem himself and become good.