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El Mal Verde
Name El Mal Verde
Age (unknown)
Gender Male
Hair Has no hair, but has a brown moustache.
Eyes Red
Alter Ego(s)
First Appearence Yellow Pantera
Voiced by Danny Trejo

El Mal Verde Is the largest supervillain of all time. He, although Sartana is the most feared, is the most dangerous bandito. Every superhero, except White Pantera he has encountered, has been devoured by him. He appears in many episodes, but is also defeated in most of them. In his first appearance, "Yellow Pantera", he is presented as virtually indefeatable, but in "The Good, The Bad, and the Tigre", he is easly defeated due to a cavity in his front tooth, an information that Django told El Tigre, making it easier to apply the coup de grace.



Mar Verde is huge, has a brown moustache, green skin, bullet belts across the chest, a black sombrero, a skull themed belt, and a massive metal club for an arm. He also wears pink underwear, which has shown up in a few episdoes, and usually gets laughed at for it. 


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