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Now Manny, wouldn't you rather lose with honor than win with dishonor?
— Rodolfo to Manny

Fool's Goal
Season 1, Episode 3 (1/2)
Air date United States of America March 10, 2007
Written by Scott Kreamer
Directed by Dave Thomas
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 Fool's Goal is the first half of the 3rd episode of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


Rodolfo has been coaching Manny and Frida's soccer team. One tiny problem: he won't let them cheat like all the other teams do. If this continues, they're never going to beat their arch rivals, the Calavera Zombies (they're all actual zombies). Clearly, Manny has no choice but to induce a horrible allergic reaction in Rodolfo so he'll be unable to coach. That way, Granpapi can take over and lead the team to an underhanded, dirty victory.

Episode Summary

Rodolfo Rivera is coaching the Miracle City Matadors. However during one of their first game, The Matadors not only lost but also gotten beaten up as Manny pointed out that they are the only team not cheat but Rodolfo refuse as he believe in honor. Meanwhile Puma is disappointed as he remembered when he was a Matador that they won their games, except for the Championship against the champion; the Calavera Zombies, lead by General Chapuza and his grandson Che. Hearing that Puma swear that the team will beat the zombies and win the championship game.

Later while doing his Laundry, Rodolfo is approached by Manny about cheating in the game like the others, which caused Rodolfo to break the drying as he remembered when he was a Matador he could have used his powers to win but instead decide to play with honor, resulting in their team to lose and having the town throw rocks at them. In Puma's room he shows Manny and Frida all the trophies he won when he was young, except for the Championship game which Frida pointed that they are not going to win this year due to their coach not wanting them to cheat. Puma then staged a plan that involved using a Jug band to play as Rodolfo is allergic to Jug Band Music. Manny then decide to use the band and caused Rodolfo to become sick (involving big eyes, lips, his right hand and his butt)


Minor Characters


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Montage Scene

The Miracle City Matadors cheating their way through to the championships.


Miracle City Matadors vs Calavera Zombies


  • This is the zombies' first appearance.
  • Rodolfo's morals of not cheating and having honor is introduced.
  • Grandpapi and General Chapuza have played against each other in football.
  • Frida's tracksuit is the same as the one worn by the Bride (Uma Thurman's character) in Kill Bill and Bruce Lee in "Game of Death"
  • When Frida says "And we're not going to win with 'no cheaty-peety", her eyelashes briefly vanished in one frame.
  • Frida's eyelashes also overlap her eyelids in the next frame.