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Frida Suárez
El Tigre Frida.png
Name Frida Suárez
Age 13
Gender Female
Hair Pastel Blue (naturally brunette)
Eyes Blue
Affiliation(s) Suárez Family
Alter Ego(s) La Tigresa
First Appearence Sole of a Hero
Voiced by Grey Griffin

Frida Suárez is the secondary character of the show El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. She is Manny's best friend and the third daughter of police chief Emiliano Suárez and judge Carmela Suárez. She tends to have a crazy and random attitude to several situations, even when it's serious. 


Frida is a half-Latina/half-white girl who has pastel blue hair, light skin and blue eyes. She wears a sleeveless white shirt, a red overall dress (with matching goggles), black bracelets with spikes, white socks with red stripes, and gray boots with black belts with silver buckles as well as black soles.

Her pajama outfit consists of a black t-shirt with a skull design and dirty socks.


Frida's past has been shown at times in flashbacks within the show or mentioned by the creator of the series, Jorge Gutierrez. Frida first met Manny during detention in kindergarten and have since been best friends. In her past is also her hate for Zoe, which first came along when the latter pulled a prank on Frida by making her look like a slime monster in class and making her cry. Her iconic red goggles she wears all the time come from her grandmother, who in her younger years wore the goggles herself and was known as the «Blue Bandit».


The Good, The Bad, The El Tigre

Evil Ending Frida is brought out of the Volcano by Manny (and is the only one he saves) in the evil ending of "The Good, The Bad, And El Tigre" in which they they become the unquestioned rulers of the earth, and both Manny and Frida are seen as they grew into teenagers, adults and eventually a old man and woman. It’s revealed that they got married during the time. When Sartana and Django return from the moon after 60 years, Frida has a giant robotic battle suit in which the episode ends before any abilities it has could be shown.


Normally, Frida shows up as a wild child; bordering the stereotype of an aspiring rock girl.

Con shot buyit.jpg
She is also tomboyish, given the acts that she and Manny are prone to commit. However, Frida can also show other sides of her personality at times: She has the lack of thinking ideas or improvising in a flash (such as her Sartana Ballad in "Ballad of Frida Suarez"). Her most caring side of her personality is saved for Manny, puppies, small animals or Chui (in "Chupacabros!"). She is also capable of expressing great anger in many situations, normally driving her to revenge. Her anger usually gets her to want revenge; nevertheless, most of her anger and vengeful intentions target Zoe Aves for previous reasons. Lastly, Frida also has a kind of romantic side, such as the very end of "Oso Sole Mio", where she exclaims sighing: "Isn't love lovely?" in a girly manner reminiscing to a girl with a crush.

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera: Make My Mule! Powers

The Spectacular Guitar-merang

Frida throws her guitar at her enemies like if it was a boomerang.

Guitar Smash

Frida uses her guitar to smash her foes, then sends them in the air.

Guitar Shot

Frida plays her guitar, which makes a soundwave.

Lyrical Smackdown

Frida plays her guitar so hard, her music blows her foes away.

Vocal Whirlwind

Frida sings that makes a whirlwind that takes out her enemies.

Jumping Guitar of Doom

Frida and her quitar rocket across in a spinning attack.

Frida's Robot


Manny Rivera

Manny Rivera is Frida's best friend. They were friends since kindergarten (they first met in detention) and Frida is almost always with Manny when he is fighting a villain, though

usually Frida does never help that much, except for a few exceptions such as "Eye Caramba"). Frida has showed some romantic feelings towards Manny in some episodes, like "Mustache Kid" when Frida got jealous when Manny was driving in the car with girls, and "Oso Sole Mio" had Frida saying «Isn't love lovely?» and sliding closer to Manny in a pretty, humor-related way, and "No Boots, No Belt, No Brero" reveals Frida kissing Manny intentionally done by her at the end of the episode.

Canon Future

It's been revealed by the creator that Manny and Frida are still friends up to the point of where they both attended high school. It's been explained that if Season three were to be made, Frida would be given Maria's glove and become a superhero but she only uses it on occasion due to the whole "she can only wear the glove and use its power for 1 hour, and if she doesn't, then the glove will take over her mind and she'll become insane and obsessed with violence" thing.

In high school, both Frida and Manny only just hung out with each other due to them dating other people. Manny began dating Zoe Aves at this point, though it’s unknown what Frida's reaction is to this relationship. Fans realized that it was anger and jealousy due to both girls being enemies. Frida dated more people than Manny, since she dated Sergio first, followed by Dr. Chipotle Jr., and for some reason after that Django of the Dead, but broke up with them in unknown periods of time. After graduating, Frida remains to pursue her career of being a rockstar with her band since the old days. For some reason after this, she met up with Manny once again and under unknown circumstances got married to each other. Also said by Jorge that Manny and Frida would have triplets; one a hero, one a villain and one hasn’t decided yet if he wants to be a hero or a villian.

Character Design/Inspiration

Beta design of Frida Suárez from co-creator Sandra Equihua

Frida is known for being based on Jorge's wife, Sandra. It has been mentioned in an interview that Sandra was raised in a family of doctors and lawyers while she was the only artist in the family; much like the episode "Stinking Badges!" where Frida's family are all members of the law, Emiliano as the chief of police, Carmela as a judge and her older sisters as police cadets while Frida dreams of being a rockstar. Frida's appearance is based on the punk-rock cultures, which is mostly showcased in her primordial, beta design. As she looked more into the punkish style, up to the point of having a skull on her shirt.


The gallery for Frida Suárez can be found here.


  • Besides the Rivera Family (and three of the show's villains), Frida is the only other person who said the phrase "This, I swear!".
  • Frida is similar to Mary Jane Watson, both are free-spirited preteens with dreams of performing (Frida singing, Mary Jane acting), both serve as best friends and later love interests for a superhero (Frida and Manny/El Tigre, Mary Jane and Peter Parker/Spider Man) and both tend to be damsels in distress from time to time. 
  • Frida was revealed at having a crush on Manny which has been seen in a few episodes.
  • Frida has a slight resemblance to Ramona Flowers, a character in Scott Pilgrim graphic novels.
  • Both Frida and Grey Delisle-Griffin (her voice actress) all have partial white ancestry.
  • Frida was in every episode with the exception of "Animales!"
  • Frida made a small cameo in the 2014 animated film "The Book of Life" by Jorge R. Gutierrez, creator of El Tigre.
    • Additionally, the series' creator Jorge R. Gutierrez revealed that Frida's full name is Frida Suárez Mondragon due to her being the great-granddaughter of the "Book of Life" character Joaquin Mondragon.
  • In one episode it’s revealed that Frida's goggles are "prescription".
  • If Frida's hair was its natural brunette color, she would look identical to her mother.
  • Since Frida is with Manny pretty much all the time, it's safe to assume she rarely spends time at her own house.
  • Frida's name is based on famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. This is also supported by the fact she was married to another painter and muralist Diego Rivera, whose last name is the same as Manny's (Frida's love interest).
  • In the first and second-half of the series, Frida was 12, but she became 13 and stayed 13 all throughout the rest of the series.