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This article contains information on the character outside of super powers. For information regarding Grandpapi's alter ego, see Puma Loco
Grandpapi Rivera
Name Jorge "Grandpapi" Rivera
Age 77
Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Black
Affiliation(s) Rivera Family
Alter Ego(s) Puma Loco, Puma Tigre (one time)
First Appearence Sole of a Hero
Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui

Jorge "Grandpapi" Rivera is the supervillain grandfather of Manny Rivera, and father of Rodolfo Rivera. Outside of his mech-suit, Grandpapi is the rich owner of the Rivera's apartment and commonly uses his greed to get money and make himself even richer. He acts as a bad influence on Manny, introducing the boy into the perks and fun of being a super villain. This always leads to conflicts with his son Rodolfo, who wants Manny to become a super hero.


Grandpapi usually appears in all-black clothes with suspenders. He also commonly wears his Golden Sombrero of Chaos. He has white hair and a white mustache, as well as gray-colored stubble and yellow glasses.


Before the series, Grandpapi was a famous supervillain in his day. It is unknown exactly what kind of crimes he commited, but he proved almost invincible and unapprehendable to most superheroes. The only one who could actually catch up to him and defeat him was his own son Rodolfo as his super hero alter ego White Pantera.

Jorge leaves Grandmami Aves' for Dora at the altar.

At one point, he had a relationship with Lady Gobbler even went as far as to almost marry her (which was probably the longest relationship between a Rivera and an Aves), but he broke her heart at the wedding church by riding off with another woman (who would eventually become Rodolfo's mother and Manny's grandmother) on horseback. Later on, he bought a top floor apartment where he, Rodolfo, and Manny currently live in, which prevents his son from being able to kick him out and stop being a bad influence to Manny.


Canon Future

According to Jorge, while Manny attends high school, he'll either pass away or move to a retirement home outside of Miracle City.


Character Design/Inspiration

In reference to the creator's past, Grandpapi is naturally based on Jorge Gutierrez's own grandfather, who was a military general. Jorge considered being in the military as evil, and was asked as a child by many people if he was going to be an artist like his father or a general like his grandfather.



  • Granpapi's first name is that of the show's creator, Jorge Gutiérrez.
  • Granpapi made a small cameo in "The Book of Life," which was also created by Gutiérrez.