The Guacamole monster is actually the first character to have the El Tigre powers other than Manny. During the ending fight of episode" Night of the Living Guacamole", In Mustache Kid that other creatures are able to use his mystic belt buckle, giving her cat-like ears, white tufts of hair on the sides of her head, and claw gloves.



Her Hobby is to make Sounds if she was a Noisemaker.

Her favorite Show is a Puppet show. She has inherited bad habits like eating herself, often accompanying herself with nachos.


A vaguely humanoid build conformed in her entirety by gooey, slimey guacamole dip. Her eyes are
Con shot guacamole

The Guacamole Monster as El Tigre

maroon and out of her face sprouts a large black mustache. Her hands end in claws. A large portion of her body is taken by her mouth, making the Guacamole Monster capable of swallowing a whole person in one bite.


Guacamole's Guaca-Zombies

She can take over a Person like she did to Rodolfo and Grandpapi

Guacamole's Guaca-Spit

She can use her spit to melt an entire part of the floor and also to destroy walls.

Canon Future

Character Design/Inspiration.

Relations with Other Characters

Dr. Chipotle Jr.

Dr. Chipotle Jr. created the Guacamole Monster as a plan to destroy El Tigre.


  • A running gag in Mustache Kid is that she's always trying to eat herself.