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My great-granpapi, Justice Jaguar!
— Manny Rivera

Justice Jaguar
Name Justice Jaguar
Age 60s (Deceased)
Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Brown
Affiliation(s) Rivera Family
Alter Ego(s) Unknown
First Appearence The Grave Escape
Voiced by Hector Elizondo


Justice Jaguar (Real Name: Simon Rivera) is a Rivera superhero. He is the son of Mighty Cheetar, Puma Loco's father, Rodolfo's grandfather, and Manny's great-grandfather. He seemed to have been around during the Wild West times. He, like his grandson appears to have drawn his power from Golden Leon's bronze boots of truth.


He wears a sombrero and eye mask. A bullet belt hangs across his jacket. He has gloves like White Pantera and Golden Leon. He rides a black horse; probably the only Rivera that ever rode an animal as a superhero.



He was the son of the Mighty Cheetar and an unknown woman. He became the second superhero in the Rivera Family an its possible that he might have been a sheriff during his time, due to his outfit (and badge), though it is still debatable. According to the show creator, Jorge Gutiérrez, Justice Jaguar was the most anti-heroic of all Rivera superheroes.

It appears Manny was familiar with him before his death as seen when he identified him as his great-grandfather rather than ancestor at the time of their meeting.


As mentioned by him, he had died attempting to perform the Rivera Super Macho Blitz for reasons unknown.


Puma Loco

Puma Loco and Justice Jaguar's reunion.

Puma Loco is Justice Jaguar's son. It is shown that the two never bonded well with each other as Puma Loco chose the path of evil instead of good. Despite his past differences with his son, they both still love and miss each other, as seen during their reunion in The Grave Escape and they were quick to hug one another crying tears of joy.


  • Justice Jaguar was the only one of the late Rivera's who had a cause of death while the other members did not give their causes nor were their deaths hinted at.