This is a list of characters who were mentioned but never seen in the series as a character in an episode or was cut from ever showing up in the series.

Super Heroes

  • Kumbala - A female cousin of Manny. Like Sartana and Django, she's a Guitar-Theme Hero, but she is a super hero while Sartana and Django are super vilians.

Super Villains

  • Lady Lava - A teenage female Super Villain that actually had a cameo in The Good, The Bad, The El Tigre and Fool Speed Ahead. She, according to the creator, would of took advantage of Frida in a scrapped episode.
  • Plata Poderosa - The super villain form of Maria Rivera's Sister Salma. It probably is the opposite site of Plata Peligrosa. The glove is also on the other hand. She is Maria's sister who has the other glove opposite of Plata Peligrosa's. She would have a crush on Rodolfo.
  • Son of Sartana - The half-robot, half-skeleton son of Sartana. He is Django's father and hinted to be Granpapi's illegitimate son.
  • Mikla - A villain that only appeared in the PS2 game of El Tigre. He kidnapped Rodolfo and Grandpapi but was defeated by El Tigre at the end. He would have appeared in the 3rd season, had the show extended.

Supporting Characters

  • Dora Rivera - Manny's grandmami and a police chief in her days. Her job is rumored to be the reason why Grandpapi and Dora divorced. She was the woman who appeared on horse back with Grandpapi in the flashback scene of him leaving Lady Gobbler in the middle of their wedding.
  • Frida's Grandmami - Frida's goggles once belonged to her Granmami, who was once a Biplane bandit that stole from the rich and gave to the poor called "The Blue Bandit". Because of it being the Blue Bandit, it is speculated she was the first in Frida's family to sport blue hair.
  • Django's Mother - Mentioned in The Good, The Bad, The El Tigre by Sartana. It has been said that she would be an ex-girlfriend of Rodolfo.