I have a little tune that's going to blow you away!

The Mystic Guitar is a mystic item owned by Sartana of the Dead.


Django's guitar

  • Sartana of the Dead
  • Django of the Dead had his own guitar with a different appearance, but the same abilities.


The Mystic Guitar can be played to bring back the dead, usually, as skeletons or zombies. Sartana used her guitar to create and/or control monsters and armies of the dead she would command to terrorize Miracle City. It could also fire energy blasts.

The guitar was Sartana/Django's life line; if the guitar were to be destroyed, they would dissipate- along with their armies- however, both of them were able to be resurrected.


Sartana's guitar is golden yellow with a red-orange star above the strings and a black skull-and-cross bones below them.

Django's guitar is black and red with four red stars on the front and a white skull-and-cross bones under the strings. On the back of the guitar is a matching white skull-and-cross bones.


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