This is information regarding a former alter ego. For information on the real identity, see Titanium Titan.
Silver Wolf (character)
Name Silver Wolf
Age 13
Gender Male
Hair Tan Brown
Eyes Red
Affiliation(s) Unknown
Alter Ego(s) Titanium Titan
First Appearence Silver Wolf
Voiced by Candi Milo

Silver Wolf is a bad boy alter ego of Titanium Titan who appeared in an episode of the same name.  He makes all the teen girls squeal. His powers consists of having the power of 100 wolves and possessing the red crimson whip. He has a futuristic motorcycle which he usually never leaves. He is rather famous considering all the fan girls, El Oso and Vice Principal Chakal all know of his existence and street cred.


He is very tall for his age, his features consist of red eyes, a scar on his right eye opposed to Manny's and long flowing tan hair. His attire is completely made of leather, a biker helmet, spiked cuff link on one arm and boots. On his right arm he showcases a tribal tattoo.


Being the bad boy he is, he comes across as a very mysterious young man, saying very little and talking more with actions.


In an attempt to get revenge on Manny, Titanium Titan planned on using a new persona called Silver Wolf, and show Manny what it feels like to lose your best friend.

In the series

Relations with Other Characters

Frida Suárez

He develops an interest in Frida right when he lays eyes on her, smelling of fish cheese or not. He quite quickly asks her to hang out with him and even go as far as giving her a matching outfit.


  • Frida claimed that she still had his spit on her cheek, meaning he had presumably kissed Frida on the cheek off screen or in a deleted scene.