Suárez redirects here, if your looking for the main character with the last name Suárez. See Frida Suárez
Suárez Family
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The Suárez Family is the family of which it's most prominent member Frida Suárez hails from. Most of the family has some sort of service to the Justice Department of Miracle City. Emiliano's side of the family are generally police cops. Carmela's side of the family are prominently judges. The family also has 2 identical twins named Nikita and Anita who are police cadets. The only one who seems to be the different of them is Frida, who strives to become a rock star instead of serving the law.


As said, most of the family serves the law of Miracle City. Emiliano is the police chief of the city. Carmela, a Judge. Nikita and Anita being top police cadets who excel at police skills. Of the family, only Frida has the big differences. But the similarites are also shown, such as Frida's hair. Emiliano's hair is actually naturally blue, he just dyes it brown. The blue hair was passed down to Frida, in which she prefers to keep it. The blue hair comes from an unseen character. Frida's grandma and thus Emiliano's mother.



The Suárez family has two fierce police dogs and a cat. Taking care of the dogs is usually a punishment for Frida. She has trouble with them because of how fierce the dogs act like dragging her from the goggles. Her white cat is only shown in No Boots, No Belt, No Brero where Frida said that the vet fixed her cat so it couldn't fart anymore, but the cat inflates like a balloon.