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i am seeing i slight resemblance in the relationshiop of Fry and Leela, from Futurama, and of Manny and Cuervo. The difference is that Cuervo is at least trying to hide her feelings. If you've ever seen a somewhat extensive amount of Futurama, you will note that Fry openly expresses his feelings in many episodes. In some way, you can say that the roles are swapped between sexes. Leela and Manny do not openly express any feelings. Leela does in a way, but Manny doesn't. In fact, it is total speculation that Manny has feeling for Cuervo. I have reasoning.

This is where being a hardcore Futurama fan helps... you will find yourself paying A LOT of attention to character development and pesonality details. I simply question, in the end of Manny + Cuervo Forever, why Manny even cares that Cuervo is furious with him. He says he is very sorry, and he actually tries to make it up to her. I simply feel the need to wonder why he would care so much. He felt so bad about taking advantage of her. There's really a simple explaination if you look at it the way I do.

"If I missed it, also, I am the first one to say that unlike Fry and Leela from Futurama, Manny and Cuervo have NEVER kissed."
-Mr. E (look at the name) 22:46, May 15, 2010 (UTC)Mr. E (look at the name)

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