The Curse of the Albino Burrito
Season 1, Episode 10 (1/2)
Air date Flag of the United States.svg September 21, 2007
Written by Jorge R. Gutierrez
Tracy Berna
Directed by Dave Thomas
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 Curse of the Albino Burrito is the first half of the 10th episode of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


Manny and Frida, misbehaving as usual, have been wrongfully given disgusting after-school chores as punishment. They resign themselves to hours of drudgery, that is, until they run into the Albino Burrito.

Episode Summary

Because both Manny and Frida misbehaved, they're not allowed to go to the "Festival of Flammable Things", and had to do disgusting (if not downright lethal) chores. Until they meet Davi, who is Manny's number one fan, and thinks of himself as a surperheo as well, calling himself the Albino Burrito (with his own Power Pinata of Punishment weapon, which the boy claims, explodes whenit hits something), and wants to be Manny's apprentice. Manny realizes that Davi is incredibly gullible, and uses this to his advantage.

Manny (as El Tigre) then "trains" Davi into doing the chores that he and Frida had to do, saying that they're for superhuman abilites. Thankfully, Davi believes thoroughly that it's real training. At least until Manny had Davi clean the house, and he touches Granpapi's Monkey Staff (Which he told specifically to Manny, NOT to touch) and causes a gigantic robot verion of Granpapi to start destroying the town, traps, and nearly eats Manny, Frida, Rodolpho, and Grandpapi alive. When Davi arrives, using his "training" to subdue the robot, and uses the Power Pinata of Punishment, which actually was a real weapon, and the robot is destroyed.

The town soon cheers for Davi, who thanks Manny and Frida for making him do the chores that helped him destroy the robot. Unfortunately, Rodolfo heard, and forced Manny and Frida do the chores that they first had to do.


Characters Introduced


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Montage Scene

Manny and Frida manipulating Davi into doing their work as training.

Running Gags

  • Albino Burrito singing his song to the tune of "Ride of the Valkyries".



  • Frida reveals her goggles are perscriptioned
  • This is the only appearance of the Tigre-Mobile.
  • In this episode Frida say she glued her sisters together again, indicating she has done it before.
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