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The Golden Eagle Twins (character)
Golden Eagle Twins.png
Name Calito (left), Carla (right)
Age 14
Gender Male (Carlito), Female (Carla)
Hair Red
Eyes Golden Brown
Alter Ego(s)
First Appearence The Golden Eagle Twins
Voiced by Candi Milo

The Golden Eagle Twins are, as indicated, are a duo of eagle-themed superheroes.


On the outside, Carla and Carlito appear very clean cut and respectable to the point of being highly esteemed and admired in Miracle City.

However, they in reality are capable of such displays of mischief, selfishness and arrogance that border those of a super-villain, willing to even put innocent lives at risk only for their own self-centered whim.

When their stuff was destroyed, the two entered a rage and attacked El Tigre, to the point of nearly killing him and Frida.


The two are capable liars, as they were able to deceive the civilians and villains of Miracle City into believing they are heroic warriors. This allowed them to steal the valuables of other people without any problems.

Despite their lack of interest in heroism, they are very capable fighters, as both overwhelmed El Tigre. It was even said when they combine their power, their strength increases but they need full concentration, as Carlito broke away from the fusion when he was distracted.


Being twins, their appearances are nearly identical; the only obvious differences being their respective genders. They both don white body suits-Carla's with a skirt-that have black sleeves, crossbelts, boots, yellow gloves, and eagle-themed helmets and capes.

They both appear as tall teenagers with fair skin, and red hair.


Nothing is known of how Carla and Carlito formed their clean-cut/mischievous egos.

Canon Future

It has been stated by the creator that if there is a third season, Carlito would date Zoe Aves (Black Cuervo), but only to make Manny jealous. Nothing is known on how they broke up.


  • The golden eagle theme is probably based on the Mexican flag, which portrays said animal standing on a cactus and devouring a snake.
  • The twins are the second bird-themed superteam to be introduced (the first being the Flock of Fury).
  • Whenever Frida Suárez called their Zeppelin a "Blimp" Carlito would correct her, even angrily shouting at her. He even once called their Zeppelin a "Blimp", before he realized his mistake in horror.
  • It is never stated in which of the twins is older.
  • Many fans dislike the twins due to the fact in the end of the episode, they got off Scott-Free while Manny got the blame and in the prison's hospital, being heavily guarded.