The Mustache Kid
Season 1, Episode 7 (1/2)
Mustache Kid
Air date Flag of the United States.svg May 5, 2007
Written by Jorge R. Gutierrez
Scott Kreamer
Directed by Dave Thomas
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The Mustache Kid is the first half of the 7th episode of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


Longing to enjoy the perks of adult life, Manny decides that he will grow a moustache--no matter what it takes! After a few disastrous attempts, Manny rather foolishly allows the evil Dr. Chipotle, Jr. to use his moustache-growing machine on him. Manny receives a truly glorious moustache, whom he names Raul, and starts living the grown-up high-life until he learns Dr. Chipolte, Jr. stole his belt and committed a series of robberies.

Episode Summary

Manny and Frida are waiting to line to watch a movie.


Recurring Characters

Characters Introduced


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Montage Scene



  • The original name of Mustache Kid was Secret Stache.
  • When Manny is working in the office, his calendar has a picture of an orange cat that says "No me gusta Mondays" which translated means "I don't like Mondays" which is an allusion of the popular cartoon cat "Garfield".
  • One of the only times a villain appears as the main antagonist in two consecutive episodes.
  • The title of the movie Manny and Frida wanted to watch is The Blood Worm vs The Chainsaw Ninjas. When Manny mentions it at the start, it is in reverse.
  • There are a few scenes where Manny's El Tigre belt is on him after Dr. Chipotle gives him the fake one, but the fake one keeps reappearing until Manny gets his real El Tigre belt back.
    Belt error

    He has his El Tigre belt on him

    Belt error 2

    then again...

Final error

the fake belt is on him again!

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