Timmy Turner
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Name Timmy Turner
Age 10
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Affiliation(s) Nicktoons
Alter Ego(s) None
First Appearence Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots
Voiced by Tara Strong

Timmy Turner is the main character of The Fairly OddParents and teamed up with El Tigre in Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots. Timmy have two fairy godparents named Cosmo and Wanda and have a baby godbrother named Poof.


Timmy is a short, Caucasian boy, with a small body and limbs. His head is exceptionally large in comparison to the rest of his body – roughly twice the size of his torso. Timmy's hair is sienna in color, and somewhat frazzled; his hair is very thick, covering his head rather well. His eyes are an intense blue in color, and are extremely large. Timmy also has buckteeth; they are very large and protrude greatly from his upper lip.


Perhaps the most noticeable feature of Timmy's, is his pink baseball cap. It is extraordinarily small, only covering the very corner of his head. His shirt is a T-shirt that exactly the same color as his hat. His pants are a dark indigo color; they look somewhat like jeans, but it is unknown what material they are actually made out of. Surprisingly, Timmy has no shoes; his pants cover all of his legs and feet. So, when taken into perspective, Timmy actually walks on his pants.


Timmy's personality is that he is one of the smartest person in Dimmsdale, but his short attention span gets in Timmy's way. Timmy always wishes for cool and dangerous things, which makes him have to unwish it.

Cosmo and Wanda

Cosmo and Wanda are also the main characters of The Fairly OddParents and been Timmy's weapon in Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots.


Cosmo: Cosmo's basic appearance is green hair, black eyebrows, and green eyecolor. He wears a small crown on his head and holds a wand in his hand. He wears a white shirt with a necktie and black pant (It's also unknown if Cosmo's pants are also his shoes). Cosmo also have wings on the back.

Wanda: Wanda's basic appearence is pink hair and pink eyecolor. She wears a small crown on her head and holds a wand in her hand. She wears a yellow shirt and black pants (Wanda have the same pants problem. Unknown if it's her shoes too). Wanda also have wings on her back.


Cosmo: Cosmo's personality is that he's the dumbest fairy in Fairy World and everytime he wishes, something bad happens.

Wanda: Wanda's personality is that she's the smarter than Timmy and Cosmo and always fix their problems when something bad happens.

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